The Team - The Staff

Manni the Boss ;-)
Manni ( Manfred ) owns Route 66 in Zweibrücken, which he opened up in 1992. After numerous visits to the USA, where he of course cruised the legendary Route 66, the idea was born to open up his own American-style bar for bikers and musicians. Great idea! Already for more than 10 years now, the Route is the meeting point for bikers, music freaks, paratroopers, and other guests in the region. There is nothing in the vicinity you can compare with this bar

The Beauty and the Beast
Manni und Moni

Moni is Manni's girlfriend and the heart and soul of the Route ;-))) Without her, the Route wouldn't be the Route and Manni a lonesome wolf. Moni runs the show ladylike and is always happy to listen to your wishes.
Furthermore - please remember: Those who offend the landlady will be punished!

There are many helping hands that support Manni whenever possible. After all, that's what friends are for.


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